With just two days to launch, the white BlackBerry Z10 breaks cover in leaked photos

BlackBerry Z10

We’re just two days from BlackBerry 10’s launch — a day that will mark the beginning of a new, and hopefully prosperous, era at RIM. But despite the launch being so close, someone couldn’t wait to show us the white version of the BlackBerry Z10.

Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of white phones. My 9780 was black, and I would have bought my 9810 in black as well if Telus had them in stock at the time. But they were unavailable, and I was in a rush to get a new phone, so I bit the bullet and bought a white phone.

However, looking at these images of the Z10 in white, I think I have to admit that the colour suits it really well. Although I’m still looking forward to going back to black with BlackBerry 10, I’m glad to see that the Z10 looks so good in white. Have a look for yourself in the leaked images below.

Source: gadgethelpline

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