January 20th, 2013. Ten days to the launch of BlackBerry 10 — a new era for the folks at Research in Motion. 103 kilometres away from their headquarters in Waterloo, yours truly was in the process of diversifying his blogging with BlackBerry Buff. After running The Blog of Cars for over 3 years, I decided it was time to expand a little so I can write about something outside of the realm of automobiles. Make no mistake, I’m still a huge gearhead, but I wanted to try something new.

Currently, BlackBerry Buff is a pilot project of sorts. That’s why, unlike The Blog of Cars, it’s not self-hosted and does not have its personal domain. But depending on how things go, I may change that. I may amalgamate the two blogs into one, for the sake of simplicity. Or maybe tech blogging won’t be my cup of tea. We’ll see how it goes, but until then, I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings about my mobile platform of choice: BlackBerry!

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