Watch BlackBerry’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial

BlackBerry knows they need some creative marketing to get themselves back in the smartphone race with BlackBerry 10. So, they made arguably one of the best marketing investments available by buying Super Bowl airtime. You can see the resulting ad above. It puts a creative twist on things by showing you what the Z10 can’t do.

RIM gets their marketing act together, set to air their first-ever Super Bowl commercial

BlackBerry Z10

With just 5 days to go until the launch of BlackBerry 10, I think it’s already become pretty clear that this is definitely a product to look forward to this year. But a good product needs good marketing to get the word out, especially with the tarnished reputation RIM has suffered over the last few years. So, I’m glad to report that RIM has confirmed they will air their first-ever Super Bowl commercial during Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd.

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