The BlackBerry Z10 — My extensive review

BlackBerry Z10The BlackBerry Z10 is probably the most important product launch BlackBerry has ever had. The company’s future depends on how well the Z10, and the BlackBerry 10 OS underpinning it, are accepted in the fierce smartphone market of today. So when my Z10 arrived on February 5th, I immediately set out to answer one question — is this the BlackBerry people will want? Let’s find out.

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BlackBerry 10 unveiled — My post-launch thoughts

BlackBerry Z10The launch event for BlackBerry 10 has finished, the reviews have made their way out, and the dust is beginning to settle. BB10 is here for everyone to see, with sales of the Z10 beginning tomorrow in the UK, February 5th in Canada, and closer to the end of February/beginning of March in the US. Here’s what I think.

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BlackBerry 10’s launch is just over an hour away — are you ready?

BlackBerry 10 Live Webcast

This is it, the day BlackBerry fans all around the world have been waiting for. In just over an hour, Thorsten Heins will walk onto the stage in New York City and officially present BlackBerry 10 — a new era for RIM. If you have the time to spare, you can tune into the live webcast here. I know I’ll be watching!

BREAKING — BlackBerry 10 to go on sale January 31st with Vodafone UK?

Vodafone UK internal document

With just two days to launch, these leaks really can’t contain themselves! The latest one is perhaps a bit more important than a white Z10 however — the street date for Vodafone UK. An internal document, shown above, claims that BlackBerry 10 will be available for order after 5 PM on launch day, and hit stores on the 31st. We may be able to get our hands on BlackBerry 10 sooner than we think!

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With 9 days to launch, here are my nine reasons to look forward to BlackBerry 10!

BlackBerry Z10

After what feels like an eternity, we’ve finally hit the single-digits — just 9 days remain till BlackBerry 10 is launched, with six simultaneous launch events around the world. If you still need convincing that this is the smartphone platform to look forward to this year, here are my nine reasons to look forward to BlackBerry 10. (Yes, nine. Because nine days to launch. And ten is too mainstream anyways.)

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